5 tips to tame technology

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Personal technology has the potential to make us more productive than ever before. I’m convinced that wearables can supercharge your personal performance, and we’re only at the beginning of figuring out what these new devices and apps are going to mean for us.

But as convinced as I am of this, this technology needs taming. Why? Because for many of us it has become a huge time sink, and we lack the knowledge and skills to make it work for us.

Here are five tips I’ve put together to help you tame technology and improve your focus, productivity and fitness. Why am I so confident that these tips work? Because I’ve tried them, my clients have tried them, and the leadership thinking underpinning these tips is robust and relevant.

  1. Track your food – Log your daily sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake and track the numbers (up bad, down good). These numbers will directly affect your levels of mental focus at work and home. Set up notifications on your wearables to remind you.
  2. Track your mood – Track your mood using Mood Panda or Jawbone UP.
  3. Reflect – Reflect on what success would look like for you at work during the next nine months. Write this down, and set up reminders on your wearables, linked to your diary, to review this every two months. You might want to consider what success looks like for you at home as well and doing the same thing, perhaps with your partner.
  4. Analyse your diary – Correlate the above with a diary analysis of the amount of travel you are doing.
  5. Get a wearable – Choose the right wearable for you (see below).


What next?

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