Who cares about productivity now?

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Data analytics is the new secret-weapon for the workplace. Businesses want to create, market and track their products and services accurately and effectively.

Practically, anyone who makes, grows and sells anything can use big data analytics to make their manufacturing and production processes more efficient and their marketing more targeted and cost-effective.

So if companies can use big data to transform their performance, why shouldn’t you and I make better use of our personal data?

What if your smartphone could answer these questions –

  • What time of day am I at my most productive?
  • Can I run further if I run less often?
  • When do I get my best ideas?

Wearable technology has the potential to do that and it’s becoming more effective all the time.

Imagine being able to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself as well as becoming more productive just by tracking your sleep patterns. That’s better for you, your family, and your workplace.

Redefining Productivity

Businesses like Coachify™ take this a step further. Our technology interprets the data as well as helping you to create a personalised plan across four key elements: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We combine wearable technology and executive coaching to help you become healthier and more productive.

We believe productivity is about more than just input, output and completing the to-do-list. It’s about working smarter. Just as a healthy lifestyle isn’t only about diet and exercise, there has always been a more holistic approach. Now there’s a more intelligent approach too.

So Who Cares About Productivity? You do!

Working Remotely
With increasing numbers of us working remotely, offering our services online and across the globe, tracking our own health and productivity will become more important than ever.

In the Workplace
Wearable devices in the workplace can provide training, speed up access to resources, streamline procedures and decrease healthcare costs. All of which can benefit employers and employees alike.

At Home
With every introduction of new technology, it’s about making it work for you. Even the most basic wearables have the potential to provide you with a smarter approach to your day. That means better time management and constant feedback on your success, making your days more productive than ever.

What’s Next?
If you’re just starting to consider how wearables can make a difference to your performance, you can read my reviews on some of the latest technology here. If you’re already using these devices, and want to know how to use the data more effectively, I’ve written more about that here and here.

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