How to improve productivity with design thinking

Introduction (part 1/5)

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Design thinking is all the rage.  From IBM to AirBnB, to reaching the cover of Harvard Business Review last year, companies are embracing a design-based way of thinking. Design thinking is here to stay and it can improve your productivity. This 5-part series will help you understand and apply design thinking personally and in your organisation.

Professor Ted Malloch recently asked me to speak at a conference for international bankers at Oxford University, on the subject of design thinking. My response was “What is design thinking”? With a smile, he encouraged me to read Roger Martin’s book, The Design of Business, and declared “you are a design thinker.”

This was 2 months ago and having researched the topic I came to agree. Design thinking is a breakthrough idea for individuals and will be a central competency for successful businesses in the years to come.

Design thinking enables people to collaborate to understand, reframe and solve problems. During the remainder of this series I will:

  • Explain why design thinking is important
  • Explore in more depth what design thinking is
  • Illustrate it in relation to Coachify, my new tech start-up
  • Show how you can use design thinking to increase your productivity

Read on for part 2 of this series on design thinking and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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