BREAKING: I’ve co-authored a new book!

Check out my new book on helping people thrive as leaders…

Musings on Leadership: Life lessons to help you thrive as a leader

In its first month, Musings achieved rank #1 in five of Amazon’s Leadership and Management categories, and #1 in Amazon’s new releases of Business Management Science.

The Musings are short – typically 2-3 pages; great for a work break, your daily commute or that 20 minutes of “me-time” we sincerely hope you give yourself each day. A humble title for a humble book.

I aim as always, to inspire your leadership from what’s around you in your daily lives.
Every day brings you something new, both challenges and opportunities. It’s useful to have an inspiring book to give you a sense of the richness of these diverse experiences.

I’ve always been passionate about helping high-profile leaders and public figures. Musings on Leadership has been written in this intent. Whether you’re an established leader wanting to improve or just starting your career, I believe my book can help you immensely. It is an adaptable read, applicable to you no matter what sphere your work ambitions and career are in…

available now!

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