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Hi, I’m Nick Chatrath.

I’m incredibly passionate about helping and coaching high-profile leaders and public figures. I’ve been adaptable to help influencers in an array of spheres; entertainment, business, politics, sport, education, media… just to name a few!

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My aim is to bridge the gap between what it means to be human in a new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I believe that it’s time to help humanity address the real issues of the human condition, and how we can succeed in building a positive future with AI.

I’ve been coaching individuals since 2003 and have put in the work to have hundreds of thousands of hours’ worth of experience behind my belt! I’ve worked and continue to work with high-achieving men and women of all backgrounds and cultures.

“What’s your coaching approach, Nick?”

• Clear-thinking, strategic business experience
Inclusive, soulful reflection

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I’m passionate about building strong relationships with my clients that last. I’m a caring yet practical coach, I challenge my clients to bring the best out of themselves to kick-start a profound dream or goal. I have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm that I bring to the table for my clients, and I am determined-minded to not give up on any of them. I’m observant and forensically positive about my work, meaning that you don’t have to be.

• “Life changing.”
“I appreciated the non-imposing pushes, the willingness to steer off into the personal, the push to fall into my fear.”
“Nick is a tremendously thoughtful leader and coach. He builds trust very quickly, which helps to cut straight to the issues that matter.”
“Nick is the best coach I have had by far.”

I understand that being in the public eye or excelling at the top level of leadership brings with it too many pressures to handle. This is where I come in…

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My clients have reached out to me in times of stress, enduring a poor work-life balance and times of simply not fulfilling their full potential. I’ve helped them reach this potential, to enjoy the pleasures of both work and personal life more, and to make an impact within their fields of work.


My Blog

Are you concerned about the emerging presence of AI in an ever-changing world, but want to reach a level of comfort in the power of humanity? Maybe you’re actually excited about the progression of AI, but simply want to know more about what’s going on…

Either way, this blog is for you! I aim to create insightful topics for you to enjoy and apply in your professional and personal life.

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Professional background

After graduating from Cambridge University, I began my career at Andersen as a Management Consultant and then moved to McKinsey & Co., working mainly in the UK, Europe and the USA.

After leaving McKinsey in 2003, I became a Master Executive Coach and established my own coaching practice. Coinciding with this, I am also the Managing Director of Artesian — a consultancy that brings soulful leadership to large and medium-sized organisations worldwide. I also chair the boards of a tech start-up and a primary school.


My Personal Life

I’m of British-Greek-Indian descent, so you can trust my philosophical side! I’ve been married to my amazing wife Tanja since 2005. We live in Oxford, England. We have 3 lively, young daughters — parenting has sure taught me a lot… even hairstyling skills!

In my spare time I look to cook, particularly curries of any kind. You’ve gotta add some spice to life! They, amongst a few other meals, fuel me for training for triathlons. When I’m depleted of energy, I love to read. My favourite book is Middlemarch by George Eliot.


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