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Even a casual glance at the news will inform us that all is not well with the world. It’s tempting to join the ranks of those who bemoan the woes of our day without lifting a finger to contribute to redeeming the culture around us. But I know that you have a greater sense of purpose and it’s my desire to help you rise to the challenge – and it begins with the man (or woman) in the mirror.


3 ways to make the most of good news

I am writing this blog post with a smile on my face, because I just received the news that I have been accredited by the Association for Coaching at the highest level, Master Executive Coach. This required 1500 hours of logged coaching practice, recording my coaching for evaluation, and a 1.5 year process of preparing my portfolio (which ran to 100 pages).

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This marks the end of an even longer journey for me. In 2003 when I started my own coaching practice, I considered pursuing an accreditation, but never followed through. Clients weren’t demanding it, and I hadn’t yet realised the centrality of supervision and a reflective approach to great coaching. It took Oxford University’s Said Business School, where I am a member of the coaching community, to prompt me to apply for accreditation. I’m so glad they did, because – as I tell my supervisor Jean Dowson – the process of reflection and supervision has improved my coaching practice significantly.

I’m sure you are happy for me, but why am I telling you this?


Why I will now blog only once a week

Since January 2016 I have been blogging twice a week. However, from next Monday I will blog only once a week. Why?

It would be understandable if your immediate thoughts were ‘It’s too much work for Nick’ or ‘The blogs aren’t working’. It does take a lot to generate a good blog post, but effort isn’t the primary reason why I’m decreasing the frequency. And from the user feedback I’m receiving, many are finding these posts useful. The real reason is the need to focus as my team and I are about to launch a new on-line business called Coachify.

Amongst other things, I currently coach some high performance individuals around the world to transform their productivity by using their personal data and wearable technology (e.g. Fitbit). Just as any large company uses data to improve their performance, Coachify can help a person improve their individual performance using wearables and our unique data analysing platform.

One of my most important values is excellence. I am determined to be the best and continuously try to improve my thinking, work, self and service to my clients. I am applying that here to Coachify and giving it the extra time it needs to launch well. I do not want the quality of blog posts to diminish as a result, hence the reduction in quantity.

So please keep reading, keep commenting, and keep using the insights to increase your productivity, performance and impact. I look forward to our continued journey together.