Ignite Thinking

Do you want to break through to higher levels of thinking? Do you want to help others do the same? If so, the Thinking Partnership Course or Coaching may be appropriate for you.

Think creatively in times of crisis:
Virtual Thinking Partnership Course

“Nick’s expertise at generating his client’s own rigorous new thinking produces stunning results, and leaves his clients able not just to pursue their goals successfully, but to do so as ever-finer thinkers. His loving heart combines with this scintillating prowess to produce one of the best coaches I know.”

      ~  Nancy Kline

Who is it for?

Business leaders and managers who want to increase their ability to think well and to help others do the same. Especially during these uncertain times.

How will it help me?

Using the Thinking Partnership Session ® delivers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Think about what matters most
  • Gain clarity
  • Increase creativity
  • Reduce dependence on narrow ways of thinking
  • Feel confident in resolving issues and setting goals
  • Connect your thinking with your being

In an age when anxiety is on the rise and when machines are increasingly doing everything, this course will help you learn to use your conscious mind as the exquisite instrument it was always meant to be.

During the course we will cover

  • Creating a Thinking Environment: You will learn how to use a Thinking Partnership Session, which is a uniquely powerful process for liberating the human mind.
  • You will participate both as Thinker (considering topics of your choice), and as Thinking Partner (practicing this elegant expertise). This includes practicing generative Attention, building Incisive Questions and exploring all Ten Components of a Thinking Environment.


The Thinking Partnership Course consists of:

  • This course will be run over 2 weeks and is all online (we use Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world).
  • Within the two-week course:
    • A 1:1 thinking session with Nick.
    • Followed by 4-5 live video group workshops (depending on group size)
    • Practice sessions with fellow learners
  • More about the group workshops:
    • Each workshop includes breakout discussions with other students.
    • Each participant receives at least one thinking session with Nick in the group workshops.
    • Group workshops last approximately four hours each including breaks.
    • Anyone from California to Hong Kong can easily join, as workshops may be scheduled in a variety of ways: some courses’ workshops run from 0900-1330 UK time; other courses’ workshops run from 1530-2000 UK time; others are full-day.
  • Dates to be agreed.

Other course details

  • Facilitated by Nick Chatrath using Zoom.
  • Significant time is given to addressing individual questions.
  • Optional pre-course reading: More Time To Think, Nancy Kline.
  • This course is a pre-requisite for the Coach Qualifying Course (© Time To Think Ltd.).
  • This course may be used as credits when seeking accreditation as an executive coach, for example with the Association for Coaching.

Recent client comments about Nick’s Thinking Partnership Course

“Nick’s guidance and facilitation was exceptional with great balance between instruction, theory and demonstration/practice. The programme was revelatory and inspirational with benefits far beyond the obvious professional context.  Thank you Nick: you are a great ambassador.” ~ Prisca Bradley, Director, Hedges Law

 “I am not generally a fan of training. This training challenged my objectives of any meeting to aim for maximising the collective thinking and not just progressing the agenda as quickly as possible” ~ Brian Wilkinson, Head of Network Development, Viva

“Nick’s Thinking Environment programme really helped my firm’s thinking and makes our meetings more productive. Simple, logical, energetic and in a nice environment.” ~ Victor Chua, Founding Partner, Mansfield Advisors LLP

“Nick Chatrath’s Thinking Partnership training had a profound impact on pretty much every aspect of how I live, lead, and help others flourish. It’s expanded my view of what’s possible in terms of what the quality of thinking can achieve. After attending the course, I came away feeling a truer, fuller version of myself. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Nick lives and breathes the Thinking Partnership principles and values. His winsome approach and seemingly effortless manner made for a fantastic learning experience.” ~ Toby Walker, Partner, Mediator and Head of Dispute Resolution, Allan Janes Law Firm

“The Breakthrough Thinking programme truly does live up to its title.  I have found the use of the Thinking Partnership model transformative, not just in my coaching, but in all aspects of my life.  Nick is an excellent facilitator and has designed a course that is relaxed, practical and effective.  Highly recommended!” ~ Simon Ash, Leadership Coach and Consultant

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Who is it for?

People who want to take their life and work to the next level

Why get coaching? 

Coaching will help you identify your goals, remove blocks to those goals, and create a plan for success. It gives you expert leadership coaching and personal development support over 6 months.

Independent thinking is the most important base for someone to be successful and healthy.  Independent thinking is not what most people usually experience in coaching. Through coaching, you get to think with rigour, courage, imagination and grace about what matters most to you, including your coaching goals.

What will we cover? 

During the coaching, I will create a Thinking Environment™ for you, present content and facilitate dialogue and support you between sessions.

How does it work? 

Over the course of 6-9 months, we will have five two-hour coaching sessions over Zoom, plus ’emergency’ hotline calls for any time you get stuck in between sessions. The main sessions include a launch session devoted to you and your work. Each session contains coaching, presented content, dialogue, stillness, appreciation and other exercises as required. We review the engagement at the halfway point and at the close.

Contact me for more information, including an introduction pack.