Transform your meetings

Unlock the unique potential of each individual at work

Transforming Meetings – a one-day programme

Who is it for?

Leaders who want to increase the effectiveness of meetings.

How will it help me?

Meetings held in a Thinking Environment deliver a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Produce a measurable, positive impact on the performance indicators of organisations
  • Generate better ideas, solutions and decisions
  • Create an environment in which people feel valued and equal
  • Achieve resolution faster
  • Give rise to greater participation and involvement from everyone
  • Foster productive working relationships (1)

In order to sustain success, organisations must unlock the unique potential of each individual at work. Getting the best from people means getting their best thinking. This focus on enhancing how people think, rather than what people do, is essential and very different from most conventional organisational development practice.

During the programme we will cover the following

  • Thinking PairsTM
  • Dialogue
  • Rounds
  • Open discussions
  • The Time To Think CouncilTM
  • Presentations
  • Putting it together in a ‘transformed meeting’

Timescale: The programme takes place over one day.

Other programme details:

  • Facilitated by Nick Chatrath
  • Soulful off-site location
  • 5-8 participants; significant time given to addressing individual questions
  • Transforming Meetings is a programme developed by Time To Think Ltd, an organisation pioneered and led by Nancy Kline, author of More Time To Think

Investment: The investment level for this programme is £429 per head, or £3k for a block-booked programme for 8 people.

  • Includes venue costs, materials, lunch and other refreshments
  • Excludes VAT, travel and accommodation

How do I sign up?

  • Contact me at
  • Or reserve places at Eventbrite for the 1 October course (two seats left)

Recent client comments

“I am not generally a fan of training. This training challenged my objectives of any meeting to aim for maximising the collective thinking and not just progressing the agenda as quickly as possible”

Brian Wilkinson, Head of Network Development, Viva

“Nick’s Thinking Environment programme really helped my firm’s thinking and makes our meetings more productive. Simple, logical, energetic and in a nice environment.”

Victor Chua, Founding Partner, Mansfield Advisors LLP

“The most valuable experience for me was experiencing (not just hearing about) the power of appreciation. It totally transforms group’s dynamics and it is far more powerful than traditional feedback.

Another valuable session was the importance of giving a full opportunity to a speaker to finish their thought. I have also discovered the power of a silence in presenting.”Anastasia Maximova, HR and Office Manager, Mansfield Advisors LLP

“The training has given me new confidence to express my own thoughts and armed me with the tools to get the best out of colleagues in meetings.

I love the way the training graciously affirmed me, and empowered me to be a great thinker and listener.

The training is a revelation – and that’s because it’s so simple!”

Andrew Dubock, Communications Manager, Viva


(1) Research conducted by Emily Havers MSc, University of Portsmouth. This study interviewed 15 senior officers from 11 organisations on 3 continents.